Tomato Soup

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  •  Tomato    4
  • Garlic   6-7 pods
  • Bay leaf   2
  •  Ginger  a small piece
  •  Yellow moong dal  1 tblsp
  •  Salt  as needed
  • Black pepper  to taste
  •  Sugar  1 tsp
  •  Butter  2 tsp
  • Full cream milk  1/2 cup or fresh cream 2 tblsp


  • Wash and put the tomatoes in a broad vessel along with garlic, moong dal ,ginger and bay leaf.
  • Pressure cook it till 2 – 3 whistles.
  • Take out the skin from the tomato. Discard the ginger and bay leaf. Keep the excess water in a separate bowl. Blend all the others into a smooth paste.
  • Strain the ground mixture and discard the tomato seeds. Add little water to adjust the consistency (if needed)
  • In a pan add butter and pour the blended ingredients and bring it to boil and add a teaspoon of sugar, salt and pepper.
  • Allow this to boil.
    Switch off the flame and add milk (room temperature) or fresh cream.
    Mix well and serve hot.
  • Tomato soup is ready to serve. You can add some bread croutons to this and serve.