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  • Butter -2 Sticks (100 gms)
  • Curry Leaves – 2


  • Heat a heavy bottomed vessel, add the Butter. Make sure that the stove should be in medium flame throughout the process
  • After sometime, the butter gets melted into liquid and starts to boil
  • You will hear some sound when it boils and aroma smell starts to come out. Now you can see the froth formation in the vessel


  • In 5 minutes, froth gets disappeared to make us visible with small glassy bubbles.

  • Main part of Ghee making lies in finding when to switch off the flame. We are using an ingredient for the same
  • Put the curry leaves now and see whether it gets fried immediately. (You can also observe that sound gets lower now)
  • Turn off the stove and filter the ghee into glass bottle. Wait for a day’s time to get semi solid state as in Shops 🙂