Cloudland Canyon

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Cloudland Canyon


Cloudland Canyon State Park is located on the Western edge of LookOut Mountain. You can enjoy its peak of Scenic View during Fall Season.

Cherokee Falls and Hemlock falls are the two falls located in this park.

Park has several trails which allow visitors to view the geology of the canyon and its surroundings

In the Park

Following 4 trails are available in Cloudland State Park

  •  Cloudland Canyon Waterfalls Trail 2 MILES- It covers hiking down 600 stairs to two beautiful waterfalls. Cherokee Falls and Hemlock Falls 
  • West Rim Loop Trail 4.9 MILES-Covers incredible views from the canyon’s east and west rims
  • Sitton’s Gulch Trail 5.1 MILES- Covers east rim to its waterfall-filled floor.
  • Hiking the canyon in winter 6.2 MILES – Hike the Overlook Trail, Waterfalls Trail and West Rim Loop Trail in winter to stunning, frosty views.


Park 7 a.m.–10 p.m.

Office 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

Entry Fee: Nil . Only Car parking Charge. 

Advance Booking: Required for Camping


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