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In de CNN studios in Atlanta: de grootste roltrap ter wereld.


CNN Tour in Atlanta, a 50-minute guide walking tour makes you visit to the Newsroom, control room and so one. 

First thing you will notice when you start with CNN tour is 196-feet long escalator of about 8 stories high. After that, you will be taken a photo holding mike and given back(on purchase) to you as depicting you as reporter in CNN channel.

You will be continuing your tour knowing how teleprompter works, how the weather map works, how they take up the video and mix it with the live background.

You will also look around the office in which many people working on Organising day’s work. Be alert as you may see your favorite known Reporters of CNN.

Make advance Booking and be available about 15 minutes prior to your tour timing.  


Open 9am – 5pm

Closed Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Last tour departs at 5pm

Entry Fee: Yes

(you can take tour with Atlanta City Pass)


Advance Booking:  Required

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