Ghee is a traditional item included in Indian Menu. Preparing ghee is very simple and requires less time. Home based ghee is perfectly easy to try out and very healthy. Ghee can be included along with normal Rice or Rasam Rice or Dal Rice. For Babies, ghee is a must have one at home and good to use the home made one

Ingredients to prepare Ghee:

Preparation Time: 5 mins | Cook Time: 25 mins 

  • Butter -2 Sticks (100 gms)
  • Curry Leaves/pepper – 2


Step 1 – Melting Butter:

  • Heat a heavy bottomed vessel, add the Butter. Make sure that the stove should be in medium flame throughout the process
  • butter gets melted into liquid and starts to boil ( Frozen butter can be directly used in the process)

Step 2 – Ghee Formation: 

This steps involves three steps – Foam forming on top, Clear Bubble Formation, milk solid sludge stick to bottom part producing ghee

  • in 3-5 minutes, butter Forms a milk foam on top surface. skim off them repeatedly
  • after some 5-7 minutes, forms turn into clear big bubbles and start making a loud hissing sound in the background
  • As ghee continues to boil, sound started to lower and will form a translucent part in the middle
  • ghee is formed evolving a nice aroma around the house

Basically, ghee is formed when water gets evaporated from butter. approximately, It Will Take 25-30 minutes

  • Alternatively, sprinkle few curry leaves/pepper in the pan and check if it splutter immedietely
  • Switch off flame and allow it to cool for five minutes

Step 3 – storage:

  • take a dry glass jar. filter ghee in it using coffee filter
  • after some 3-4 hours, ghee gets solidified

Unclarified Butter /Ghee is ready to serve hot with rice or making any sweet dishes!!!

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