Pizzas can be easily made at home. The advantage of preparing pizzas at home is that we can add the veggies we like of our choice. As I am a vegetarian, I always get less number of options at restaurants. I prepare different varieties with different choices of toppings. Pizzas can be prepared from scratch. In my blog, I shared Pizza base and Pizza Sauce(Tomato). Nowadays, I started to prepare pizza weekly once in between regular cooking menu


Preparation Time: 15 Mins| Cooking Time : 20 Mins | Serves: 2-3

  • For Dough Preparation:
  • Refined Flour – 2 cups ( 350 gms)
  • water – 1 1/4 cup (250 ML)
  • dry yeast – 1 1/2 tsp
  • sugar – 2 tsp
  • salt as required
  • for toppigs:
  • Vegetables as per choice ( I have taken onion, tomato,Capsicum(yellow,green), black grapes)
  • Grated Cheese – 1 Cup
  • Parmesan cheese as required
  • Pizza Sauce – 1 cup


Step 1-Yeast Activation:

  • Take a luke warm water, dissolve sugar in it
  • mix the dry yeast without making any lumps
  • set is aside for 10 minutes
  • yeast gets activated forming froth on top layer

Step 2: Dough Preparation:

  • take a bowl, mix flour and salt
  • yeast water is added for dough preparation by adding partly
  • knead the dough well for 10-15 minutes which gives softness for pizza base
  • once the dough is prepared, apply oil on surface and close it with a wrap or air tight container
  • set it aside for 2 hours for proofing
  • after 2 hours, we get double the size of dough

Step 3- adding toppings and Baking:

  • Pre Heat Oven For 350F/180C For 10 Minutes
  • take a baking pan, I used cast iron. spread the dough evenly on it
  • start layering the toppings – expand base, spread tomato sauce on top
  • Add Cheese And Other Vegetables Of Our Choice. Put Some More Cheese On Top ( cheese can be added as per taste)
  • Place It In The Oven And Bake It For 10-12 Minutes (Pizza Gets Ready Once The Cheese Is Melted)
  • Pizza is ready!!!
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