Thattai Seedai

Thattai Seedai is one of the traditional snack recipe. It is one of the favourite snack item to prepare during Diwali times. The recipe is so simple to mix all the required dry ingredients together, preparing dough by mixing with right amount of water, making thattai seedais and deep fry it. the complete process took me around 20-30 minutes to prepare around 35-40 thattai seedais. Optionally, channa dal or sesame seeds can be added in this recipe (I Did Not Add as per my choice). sharing below the recipe i followed at home


Preparation Time: 10 mins | Cook Time: 20 mins

  • Rice Flour – 1 cup (200 grams)
  • Urad Dal – 1/4 cup
  • Chilli Powder – 2 tbsp
  • Asoefotida
  • Butter – 1/4 cup (room temperature)
  • Coconut grated – 3 tsp
  • Curry Leaves -5-6
  • Salt as required


Step 1 – Preparation of Urad dal powder:
  • in a heavy bottomed vessel, dry roast urad dal for 5 minutes or until turns golden brown
  • take out and spread it in a flat vessel and allow it to come to room temperature
  • Grind it into powder once cooled off completely
  • sieve it to get smooth texture
  • urad dal powder is ready now. Keep this aside

Step 2 – Dough Preparation:

  • take a vessel, dry roast rice flour for 5-7 minutes or until smells nice aroma
  • saute it Occasionally. make sure to prevent burn at the bottom
  • add the roasted rice flour to a dry bowl
  • add chili powder, scrapped coconut, urad dal powder(2 tbsp), butter,curry leaves and salt as required
  • mix everything together once
  • add water partly to form a perfect soft dough (approximately, requires around 3/4th cup of water)
  • in a flat bottomed tray/plate, place butterpaper/parchment paper
  • take small portion of dough, make round balls (small to medium sized), place it in the tray
  • repeat for the remaining dough
  • flatten each balls
  • now thattai seedsi is ready to get deep fried in oil

Step 3 – Deep Frying:

  • in a kadai/vessel, add oil and allow it to get hot for deep frying
  • put each flattened thattai seedais (we prepared), deep fry it on both sides
  • take out when both sides turns crispy
  • Ready to eat as our Tea Time Snack 🙂

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