Adirasam is one such sweet we do during diwali or marriage occasions. It is a pretty lengthy process to give a try. I used to avoid trying the recipe at home because of its wait time. But, once I start the process of making it, I enjoyed waiting for two days to eat home made adirasams. The recipe requires less number of ingredients and completely using jaggery avoiding any white sugar.

Preparation Time: 10 mins | Wait Time: 2 days | Cook Time: 15 mins


  • Rice Flour -1 Cup
  • Jaggery -3/4 Cup
  • Cardomon Powder -1 tbsp
  • Oil for Frying
  • Butter Paper
  • Water as required


  • Sprinkle Water in Rice Flour (this is to ensure the flour is half wet)  and keep it aside

  • Prepare Jaggery Syrup for ball consitency  (If you pour one drop of jaggery syrup in water, it should not get spread but forms a small ball.if you take out the ball from water and throw it in a plate, hit sound will be heard)


  • Switch off the flame and add rice flour little by little and form a paste(adirasam mix)
  • Keep this mix aside for 1 or 2 days

  • After 2 days, make small balls with the mix and form a round shape with hand. Immediately take it and fry it in Oil
  • Making ball, frying in the oil to be done side by side without making the mix gets dried up


  • Kindly note to take out the adirasam half cooked (we are doing this as it gets cooked after taking out)
  • Ready to Serve
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