Idli Batter

Idlis are traditional South Indian Breakfast Item. It is considered to be a healthy tiffin as it involves steam Cooking. Intial days, I used to prepare the idli/dosa batter using mixie. Once I got the grinder at home, it is always easy to prepare more quantity. My mom gave me advice of adding Methi/Fenugreek Seeds along with Urad dal to give soft idlis. So, I used to soak it along with the Urad dal


  • Idli Rice – 4 Cups
  • Urad Dal – 1 Cup
  • Methi/Fenugreek Seeds – 1 tsp


  • Wash Idli Rice very well to remove any dust particles and soak it for 4 hours
  • Similarly, wash urad dal to remove any dust particles and soak it 4 hours. Optionally, add methi seeds along with urad dal. This will help us to get soft idlis
  • After 4 hours, grind idli rice and urad dal separately in a grinder. You can also use mixie but make sure to grind partly and without over heating
  • First grind urad dal in grinder, by just sprinkling water then and there. Normally it takes around 20 minutes
  • Grind idli rice the same way by adding water. Add required salt and grind it.Make sure you see bubbles to check whether it is completely grinded. It will take 15 minutes time.
  • Mix both completely with hand and set aside for 8-10 hours (based on climatic conditions) to allow yeast to develop
  • After 8 hours, batter will be raised and fluffy. Mix it with a spoon
  • Batter is ready to make idlis

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