Vegetable Pad Thai Noodles

(with Brown Rice Noodles)

Vegetable Pad Thai Noodles

Vegetable Pad thai Noodles is a flavorful combination of noodles, vegetables, Tofu, peanut powder with Thai Sauce. As it contains Tofu and brown rice noodles, it can be added to the diet menu list. The recipe follows four steps of preparation – sauce preparation, noodles preparation, baking tofu and combine everything together. Sharing below the recipe I tried out

Ingredients to make Vegetable Pad Thai with brown Rice Noodles:

Preparation Time: 15 mins | Cook Time: 45 mins (7+5+20+13)

For Thai Sauce Preparation:

  • Tamarind Paste -2 tbsp (mix with 1/4 cup of water)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar -2 tbsp
  • Chili sauce – 2 tsp
  • Sugar -2 tbsp ( cane sugar) 
  • Peanut powder – 2 tsp (optional)
  • Lemon juice – 1tsp
  • Soya sauce -1 tbsp

For Vegetable Pad Thai Preparation:

  • Pad Thai Noodles – 100 grams ( I used brown rice pad Thai noodles)
  • Onion Sliced – 1 medium
  • Vegetables – 1 cup ( I took Carrots, beans, green and yellow capsicums)
  • Tofu Cubes – 1 cup (200 grams)
  • Garlic pods – 2 (finely chopped)
  • Peanut powder – 2 tbsp
  • Few spring onions
  • Water as required
  • Salt as required


Step 1 – Pad Thai Noodles Preparation:

  • In a vessel, boil water. Add noodles in it
  • Saute Occasionally and Cook for 5-7 minutes ( as per pad thai packet instruction)
  • Once cooked, remove excess water using sieve
  • pour some cold water on top to prevent breakage of noodles

Step 2 – Thai Sauce Preparation:

  • Take a bowl, add tamarind water (mix 2 tbsp of tamarind paste in 1/4 cup of water. If using normal tamarind at home, soak a lemon size ball in 1/4 cup of hot water 15 minutes early)
  • Add soya sauce, chili sauce, sugar, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and mix well
  • optionally add a tsp of peanut powder. combine everything together without creating any lumps

Thai Sauce is ready now

Step 3 – Tofu Preparation:

  • prepare a baking tray with a parchment paper
  • Dip each Tofu in our prepared thai sauce and place in baking tray
  • Pre-heat oven at 180C/350F. Bake tofu for 20 minutes (10 minutes each side)
  • After 10 minutes of baking, take out the baking tray outside carefully
  • Flip each tofu to bake other side as well evenly
  • tofu is baked well in 20 minutes
  • Alternatively, Shallow Fry In Dosa Pan Gently Without Getting Burnt

Crispy Tofu is ready now

Step 4 – Vegetable Pad Thai Noodles Preparation:

  • in a pan, add oil. Once hot, add chopped garlic pods
  • onions are added. Saute it well
  • Colorful sliced vegetables are added, stir fry it for 5-7 minutes. Saute it occasionally
  • put Thai sauce in the pan. allow it to cook for 2-3 minutes
  • Cooked noodles are added. Mix it gently without breaking the noodles
  • baked Tofu cubes can be added. combine it well along with the noodles
  • garnish with peanut powder and sprinkle few spring onions on top

Vegetable Pad thai noodles is ready to serve!!!

Spicy Level can be varied accordingly!!!

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