Kai Murukku

Kai Murukku
Kai Murukku

Kai Murukku is a traditional Indian snack item, made during Gokulashtami or Diwali times. This recipe includes preparation of Kai murukku from Scratch. Hence it involves making homemade Rice flour, Urad dal flour and combining ingredients to make dough for murukku, finally deep frying it. the process is so simple and yet it requires some patience to evenly twist the dough to form shape and texture. Included video for detailed step by step instruction of making kai murukku from scratch.Sharing the recipe as below

Ingredients to make Kai Murukku:

For Homemade Rice Flour:

  • Raw Rice – 1.5 cups (300grams)
  • Water as required

For Homemade Urad dal Powder:

  • Urad dal -1/4 cup

For Kai Murukku:

  • Rice Flour – 3 cups
  • Urad dal Powder – 3 tbsp
  • Cumin seeds – 1 tsp
  • Melted Butter – 2 tbsp
  • Salt as required
  • Water as required
  • Hing/Asoefotida
  • Oil as required for deep frying


Step 1- Homemade Rice Flour:

  • Soak Raw rice for 30 minutes (Note: Amount of soak time depends on quantity of rice we take. As I took only 300 grams to make this recipes, I soaked the rice for 30 minutes)

After 30 minutes,

  • Filter to remove excess water
  • in a flat surface,place a cloth/paper, spread the soaked rice evenly
  • let it sit for 10 minutes. paper will absorb the moisture
  • transfer the content into mixie jar
  • grind into fine powder
  • sift it once to get nice homemade Rice flour

Step 2- Urad dal Powder:

  • dry roast urad dal for 10 minutes or until turns golden brown
  • transfer to a plate and allow it to cool down to room temperature
  • once cooled off completely, grind it into fine powder
  • sift it to get nice urad dal powder/flour

Step 3- Making Kai Murukku:

  • in a bowl/plate, add homemade rice flour- 3 cups (Note: shop bought can also be used. but homemade flour gives nice texture for murukku)
  • add urad dal flour – 3 tbsp ( rice flour: urad dal flour ratio – 1 cup:1 tbsp)
  • put in cumin seeds -1 tsp, hing/asoefotida(a pinch), melted butter – 2 tbsp and salt as required
  • add water partly to form dough for murukku. Dough should be pliable and should not form any cracks

Note: Do not add more water. So be careful when you add water. Add slowly and partly. It should be loose enough to make the murukku

  • In a flat surface, place a clean cotton cloth/paper. Take small ball and make twists/ murukkus on top of the paper. Grease your hands every now and then with water while making murukku. Which helps easy flowing of swirls. Also, while making swirls, make sure you hold ur hand higher and let the murukku strand hand so that making twist swirls is easy. Refer the video how I made. Its bit tricky,but sure you can learn
  • Repeat the procedure for all the dough to murukkus.
  • Heat enough oil in kadai and drop 4-5 murukkus at a time
  • Use dosa flipper (dosa thiruppi) for taking the murukku from the paper(refer the video)
  • flip upside down to cook evenly on both sides
  • take out when both sides turn golden brown
  • Kai murukku is ready!!!

Store it in airtight container and enjoy it for a week’s time

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