Mango Lassi

Mangos are delicious as fruit itself.. due to summer days, I thought of preparing lassi with mangoes. The process is so simple that just needs to blend all the ingredients. I Did Not Use Ice Cubes Or Chill Water While Preparing The Lassi. made a quick recipe and refrigerate it for about two hours before

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Lime Mint Cooler

Lemon and Mint are individually body cooling items. When combined, gives enormous thirst control factor. I used to make this juice at home occasionally for refreshing whole body. Preparing this juice is very easy with just few basic ingredients such as Lemon, mint leaves, water and sugar I normally do not prefer ice cubes for

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Panagam is normally prepared during summer times especially in the time of Rama Navami. During my childhood, when I visit any Ratha Yatras in my native place, or during the Akshaya Tritiyai festival, they used to distribute panagam, neer more to all people. These drinks are forms of energy booster. I love to have such

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Banana Milkshake

Milkshakes are healthy and easy to prepare at home. It requires only three ingredients such as milk, sugar and Bananas. When I had more bananas at home, I made milkshake with it and had a good dessert post lunch that day. Sometimes, I substitute white sugar with honey. Here is the recipe which I tried

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