Must go one with family!!!

Everyone loves to do wild life safari atleast once!!! Difference between Safari and zoo is…People will walkaround and look out the animals in a caved environment. It is reverse in case of a safari., We will be in a car driving around the animal areas.

Atlanta Wild life safari is located in Pine Mountain, about 1 hour from Downtown area

Buy tickets from Visiter Center and some fodders(animal food) for Animals. We can either rent a car and drive through Safari or take a Bus(restricted timings) and take the tour.



Now, we are ready to go to enjoy our Safari with Animals. Once you get inside, you will be surrounded by many animals like Bison, Deers, Ostrich and many animals.

Next, Herd of Zebras will be waiting for us. Every one will be literally chasing us all around. You should not feed Zebra by hand (as per instructions). You have to throw the food for Zebra.

You will drive through Large gigantic Giraffe, Lion(willbe caved),Camels and some birds.

Overall it will be a very good experience in feeding the animals.

You can take as many pictures as possible to have it as memory in Future!!! 🙂


Never miss to visit a mini zoo near the visitor center of animal Safari.

You happen to see aligators, sheep, peacock, Baboon,Tiger, Singing dogs, Kangaroo and many more.

Plan your visit in nice weather conditions as animals many not come out during rainy days.


Visiting hours are from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (average).

Kindly visit website for more details.

Entry Fee: Yes. 

Advance Booking:  Required


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